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Before the Body Liner

After the Body Liner

The Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner acts as a primer for the body to smooth cellulite and give the  stomach, hips, thighs and rear a firm look and feel. The Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner helps you have peace of mind, that you are on display and NOT your cellulite. Slip on a pair of Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner today and experience a smooth look in your attire. Confidence Restored!

The Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner is not intended to replace exercise or a healthy lifestyle. However, it can help smooth cellulite and gives the body a firm look and feel while you work towards your body goals.

How to wear - As an undergarment or outer garment to conceal cellulite and feel more confident everyday around your co-workers, friends, and family.

Before/After Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner

Before the Body Liner

Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner - Navy

  Benefits of the Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner:

  •    Non-Constricting compression liner conceals cellulite for all day wear with smooth look & feel.
  •  The Body Liner is 2 lengths in 1 and can be worn as a capri length or ankle length.
    •   To wear as a Capri  length - pull the leg up
    •   To wear as a Ankle  length - pull the leg down
  • High Waisted Body Liner provides tummy control.
  • Silicone gripper waistband to prevent roll and slide.
  • Holds parts in place to create a seamless waist down slimming effect
  • Everyday use - wear under pants, jumpsuits, leggings, dresses, and skirts.
  • Durable knit does not easily run or snag

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Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner - White

Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner - Black


Made in the USA

Have you noticed, we apply a primer to our nails before applying nail polish. We apply a primer to our face before applying makeup. Primers help the products glide on and remain in place for a natural, flawless appearance.

What if there was a primer for the body? Now there is! Introducing the Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner. Below are pictures of the body liner worn as capri and ankle lengths (2 lengths in 1), and are available in five sizes (see size chart below) and  four colors Beige, Black, White and Navy.

After the Body Liner

Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner - Beige

Peace of Mind...

You are on display NOT your cellulite.

Confidence Restored!