Before the Body Liner

Have you noticed, we apply a primer to our nails before applying nail polish. We apply a primer to our face before applying makeup. Primers help the products glide on and remain in place for a natural, flawless appearance.

What if there was a primer for the body? Now there is! Introducing the Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner. It acts as a primer for the body to smooth cellulite and give the  stomach, hips, thighs and rear a firm look and feel. The Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner helps you have peace of mind, that you are on display and NOT your cellulite.

Slip on a pair of Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner today and experience a smooth look in your attire. Confidence Restored!

The Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner is not intended to replace exercise or a healthy lifestyle. However, it can help smooth cellulite and gives the body a firm look and feel while you work towards you body goals.

After the Body Liner

The Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner is available in colors Black, Beige, White, and  Navy - Coming Soon

Before the Body Liner

Navy - Coming Soon

Peace of Mind...

You are on display NOT your cellulite.

Confidence Restored!

  Benefits of the Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner

  • 2 lengths in 1:
    •   For a Capri look - pull the liner leg up
    •   For a Leggings look - pull the liner leg down
  • Waist Band does not roll down - No extra roll/bulge around your waist
  • High waist provides tummy control - No more muffin top
  • Structure and support of shapewear, shaping from bust line to the full length of the Body Liner
  • The look of footless tights allows use under multiple garments: pants, jumpsuits, leggings, dresses, and skirts
  • Durable knit that will not run or snag easily

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Before/After Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner

After the Body Liner

Wear as an Undergarment or Outer Garment


Made in the USA